Metromile-smart driving app is Convenient and user-friendly

by Esther

Make Every Car A Smart Car.

Metromile– smart driving app makes car ownership as seamless, affordable and as simple as it can be.

Optimize your trips

See how your speed varies on each trip, how much you spend on gas and how long your drive takes. View trip data over time and understand how even little changes in your commute can have a big impact.

Remember where you parked. Or don’t…

Always know where your car is parked and the ideal path to get there. You can also get street sweeping alerts in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco to avoid future tickets.

Keep your car healthy

Get a diagnosis of your car’s running condition and decode those pesky check engine lights – all from your mobile phone

Save big with pay-per-mile car insurance

All pay-per-mile insurance customers receive the Metromile Pulse, which plugs into your car’s OBD-II port to measure mileage and also powers our smart driving app so you can:

  • Track and optimize your trips
  • Monitor your car’s health
  • Find your missing car
  • Get street sweeping alerts (in select cities)

Apply now – do not miss it-Metromile


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