Save Money with The New York Pass

by Esther

With The New York Pass, you get free admission to over 90 popular attractions, museum, cruises, tours and more – visit as many attractions as you want, they’re all included.

When Will I Start Saving?

It’s easy to ‘earn back’ your money and save big. Just start visiting attractions; the more you do, the more you save. That’s why the 7 and 10 day passes are so popular!

1 DAY Start saving with the 3rd Attraction you visit – See Empire State Building, Madame Tussauds and take Big Bus Hop on Hop off Tour.
– Admission without the Pass: $136
– Cost of a 1-Day Pass: $119
– You save: $27 – and there’s still time for more
2 DAY Get your ‘money back’ after visiting just 4 attractions – with 2 days you can easily visit more than 4 to save even more.
3 DAY Visit just 5 attractions and you’ll start saving (that’s less than 2 attractions per day – easy.) Visiting just 3 attractions per day could save you over $200.
5 DAY Visiting for longer than a weekend but not a whole week? Visit a leisurely 2 attractions per day and you’ll save over $250. Visit 3 attractions per day and you’ll save over $400 per person.
7 DAY A whole week of unlimited sightseeing for under $50 a day – it’s cheaper than combined admission to: The Ride, Circle Line Cruise, Madame Tussauds, Shearwater Classic Schooner, Clipper City Tall Ship Cruises, Central Park Bicycle Rental, and TV & Movie Sites Tour. And that’s less than just 1 attraction per day.
10 DAY Staying for more than a week? Relax and experience NYC at your own pace. Just 1 attraction each day can save you $100. You can even take a 2-3 day break and still get your money back. Visiting just 2 Attractions per day can save you over $500! It’s the best value for your money.

Which Pass is the Best Value for Your Money?

The longer the pass, the more you can save; the 7-Day Pass is just under $50 per day and the 10-Day Pass is even less at just under $40 per day. All pass durations make it easy to save, so even if you’re using a 1, 2, 3 or 5 Day Pass, you can still save big on attraction admission.

The math checks out: Gate prices without The New York Pass range from $7 – $59 with an average cost of $24, so it’s easy to get your money’s worth (and significantly more!).

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