If You Thought Online Learning Was a Waste of Time, This Article Will Change Your Mind

by Esther

The majority of adults seem to believe that their education options stop as soon as they leave schoolor college. Even if they didn’t make it as far down their educational path as they wanted.

The primary reason for this thinking is that, with adult life, going back to school just isn’t a reality.

But what if you didn’t have to go back to school to go, well, back to school? What if furthering your education was an easy as taking advantage of an oreilly coupon from Groupon Coupons?

If you have previously dismissed the idea of online learning to further your education as an adult, below are two benefits which will change your mind and break the most common illusion about online learning!

Let’s Tackle the Misconception; Online Courses Don’t Provide High-Quality Courses

If you think about it, the only reason why you think that the courses are low quality is solely because of their cost. And in the world of retail, this is a fairly solid argument to have whenchoosing a product. After all, you can’t expect a toy which costs $1 to be as good as one which costs $50.

However, the same method doesn’t transfer into the world of education, especially when it comes to online learning. For example, imagine that a traditional brick-and-mortar learning place wants to offer a new course. Here are the very basic of what will be needed:

  • A teacher develops a course
  • A space needs to be allocated on a recurring basis
  • The space needs to be cleaned after each use
  • Electricity is needed in the space
  • Wifi access is also needed in the space
  • Students need a chair and a table to rent their laptop or notebook
  • A teacher is required to attend each class

Of course, the more advances the course or the learning space, the greater the requirements. And as you can imagine, each of these requirements comes with a cost. And the only way that the space gets the money to pay for these course offerings is by charging students more.

When you compare this to how an online learning space works, it’s very different:

  • A teacher develops a course
  • A technician develops the course for an online learning platform
  • The course is offered to students

As you can see, as the learning takes place online, there are very few overheads which can cause course prices to rise.

It is for this reason what online learning spaces can offer high-quality courses at affordable prices, not because of a lack of the quality of the course or even the reputation of the learning institute itself.

When it comes to online learning, don’t feel bad that you thought that it was a complete waste of time. Many people do until they are provided with a real understanding of how learning spaces work and just where the money is going that you pay each semester or for each course.

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