Transformers Age of Extinction Movie Review

by Esther

Review – Transformers Age of Extinction

Michael Bay. He’s the director we enjoy hate. His highest rated film The Rock has only a 66% rating from Rotten Tomatoes. But regardless people still watch his movie which is the reason Age of Extinction was the very best grossing film of 2014, and after hearing this, I immediately felt the impulse to see why.

In this iteration with the Transformer’s series we have been introduced to a couple of new faces. The principle character Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) is an inventor that is struggling to pay bills and is partnered together with his best ally Lucas Flannery (T.J. Miller) as well as a daughter Tessa Yeager. Inside first hour from the movie Lucas Flannery is killed by a grenade in a scene that is certainly among the worst and most unmoving scenes of death I have ever seen in a motion picture. He or she is replaced on the adventure by Teresa’s secret boyfriend Shane Tyson. The tale progresses using the trio assisting Optimus Prime and also the remaining autobots to prevent an organization named KSI from utilizing autobot data to remake Decipticons as weapons, and ultimately a battle ensues relating to the Autobots along with the remade Decipticons the location where the Autobots can win house in the newly introduced Dinobots which are basically Dinosaur Transformers.

My first gripe using the movie is the deficiency of seriousness of the plot. As mentioned earlier, the death of Cade’s best ally Lucas was completed horribly and wouldn’t normally fill any viewer with all the least a feeling of emotion. His body exploded and Cade and Co. stand to consider it for a few seconds and run off, no crying with out sadness. I understand the group had been chased but the film might have a minimum of found ways to convey a deeper feeling of emotion, he was the principle character for God’s sake. A second item that you will find noted could be the movie’s level of corniness. There was clearly a formidable amount of instances where the protagonists wherein serious debilitating scenes, though the writers decided to throw in a poorly written and unfunny joke. Some of them came to exist in dialogue between the Transformers or between Cade and Shane as Cade showed his distaste for him dating his daughter, another irrelevant point that received an excessive amount of focus in the movie. The past point i need to get off my chest could be the acting. The acting coming from a most of characters in this film was simply plain awful. One actor I hated one of the most was Lucas. I am not sure how it is about T.J Miller but anything according to him will not be funny. I’ve grown to dislike watching him in a film after forcing myself to observe him through the TV show Silicon Valley. If someone would have been a proponent of spitting horrible jokes in the serious moment it turned out his character. Simply he just isn’t a great actor this also film might reveal that. Mark Wahlberg on the other hand didn’t do as bad of an job as T.J but nevertheless his performance wasn’t stellar either. Mark Wahlberg isn’t a bad actor but in this film he just didn’t shine. Other side characters were dealing with that problem, and honestly there was not merely one good standout actor inside the entire film which truly brought the video down.

In summary, this movie were built with a somewhat decent story to see. As typical of a Michael Bay film it had been full of too much explosions, and amazing use of visuals and effects. But two most central parts of a motion picture are plot and acting, and also this film just didn’t deliver on either, but honestly has a Michael Bay Transformers film been strong of these aspects? Regardless his films continue to make money and we will all carry on and discover their whereabouts.

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