Women need to learn the car maintenance skills

by Esther

If you are one of many USA’s many daily motorists or an occasional weekend driver, it’s vital that you possess basic car maintenance skills, specially when these skills might help keep you safe on the road. For women in USA, there’s still an important deficiency of confidence when it comes to car maintenance: as outlined by a new study by LV=, nearly four in ten (37%) admitted that they can don’t feel relaxed performing any maintenance tasks over a car. That will help you feel well informed traveling and within bonnet, allow me to share five basic car maintenance tasks every woman should know.

Check and top-up fluid levels
Before checking your oil level, ensure your engine is powered down and cold. Start by detaching the dip stick and wiping it clean, before replacing it into the tube. Pull the dip jump out again to consider the degree of your oil. When it is below or near the lower mark, be sure to top your oil up.

Together with your oil levels, look at your windscreen wash, your brake fluids plus your engine coolant.

Check and gaze after tyre pressure and tread depth
In February, the DVSA released new stats throughout the number of MOT fails in USA, revealing that just about 50% were avoidable if motorists performed regular maintenance. Tyre condition was with the hourly caregivers reasons for failing. Inside their research, LV= found that only half (49%) of individuals in the USA would be sure their tyres were not damaged before their MOT test.

For Caroline Lake, mechanic and author of ‘Women’s Car DIY’, it is a weekly issue that they sees at her garage. She agrees this is really a something all drivers should feel at ease.

‘Tyres are the only road contact and quite rightly, it is three points on the licence as well as a nasty acceptable for each illegal one. I’m not surprised this is a common MOT failure’ says Caroline.

Be sure you look at tyre pressure every two weeks and look carefully for virtually any cuts and wear. The legal limit for minimum depth of tread in USA is 1.6 millimetres.

Should you don’t use a tyre tread measuring tool, use a 20p piece- slip it in to the grove and, if some of the outer edge is seen, obtain the tyre changed.

Check bulbs, lights and indicators
Lighting and signalling was the most recognized cause of MOT failures in line with the DVSA and, unfortunately, only half (48%) of ladies would check that all headlights and lights work before an MOT. Less (42%) would make certain their indicators function properly prior to test.

To head off being pulled over by the police for a brake light being out, ensure that you regularly check your car’s lights and indicators. This includes reverse, brake and fog lights that may decrease effective if the bulb has blown or there is dirt about the lenses.

Keep windscreen clean and clear
As tempting since it is to get stickers and air fresheners in your car, they could be a major distraction to make your view less visible. This is the fifth most frequent reason for MOT failures so ensure that you is able to see what exactly is before you always and that your windscreen is free of any chips.

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