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The Best Home Warranty for 2017

by Esther

What is a Home Warranty?

Home warranties, also known as service contracts, allow homeowners to pay an annual fee for repair and replacement service of covered appliances and systems. These contracts protect homeowners from the high cost of unexpected appliance breakdowns and system failures. With a home warranty, you’ll be covered whether your refrigerator stops running or your plumbing stops up ­­ and that can save you both money and frustration.*
Home warranties are service contracts that promise prompt, effective service for problems with your covered home appliances and systems. They offer protection not just for your home, but for your budget and time.**

How Home Warranties Work
Home systems and appliances can break down when you least expect it ­­ and often, when your budget isn’t ready for it. A home warranty offers peace of mind. With a home warranty, you can know that even when the unexpected happens, you’ll be taken care of by trusted home repair professionals.
With a home warranty, your home’s most important appliances and systems will be covered, provided they are maintained and in good working order at the start of your contract.* You’ll pay your contract fee annually and enjoy repair and replacement service for essential home systems and appliances for this low annual fee plus an affordable service call fee for each repair or replacement.***

How Home Warranties Help Homeowners
Your systems and appliances may be in good working order today, but sooner or later, everything wears out. Even with perfect maintenance, nothing lasts forever.
When your system or appliance breaks down, you could spend hundreds or thousands to repair or replace it, potentially causing a serious financial setback. Or, you can have it covered by your home warranty for just the cost of a service call.*
With these predictable costs, a home warranty service contract allows you to control the cost of home repairs. Rather than spending money on surprise repairs or replacements of systems and appliances, you can rest easy knowing that it’s all taken care of with your annual service contract fee and low cost service call fee.*
Homeowners also benefit from the peace of mind offered by a home warranty. You can feel confident about your home’s systems and appliances, as you won’t need to worry about them if they happen to break down or need replacement.***

Getting Home Warranty Service from Choice Home Warranty
With a home warranty, any time you need a repair for a covered appliance or system, you’ll simply submit a claim to get help from a local technician. The Choice Home Warranty claims hotline is available 24/7 by phone or online. Once a claim is submitted, Choice Home Warranty will immediately dispatch a local, licensed, and insured technician to service your claim promptly and professionally.**
Choice Home Warranty’s technician will diagnose the problem and either repair or replace your covered appliance or system. Whether your appliance or system is repaired or replaced, you’ll pay the same flat rate: an affordable service call fee. The fee is the same no matter how much the repair or replacement actually costs.***

Repair or Replacement Under Home Warranty Service
Choice Home Warranty’s service contracts provide complete solutions for homeowners. That means whether your appliance or system requires repair or replacement, it will be taken care of.* Choice Home Warranty’s local technicians are experts at diagnosing problems with systems and appliances. If they determine your equipment requires replacement, your new appliance or system will be covered for the same low service call fee as you would with a repair service.*** If a replacement unit is not available, Choice Home Warranty customers are still covered. You’ll be offered a cash payment for the amount of Choice Home Warranty’s replacement cost, which will allow you to simply purchase your own new system or appliance.

Choice Home Warranty’s Technician Network
Many Choice Home Warranty customers choose to purchase a service contract to save money on home repairs, but discover another perk of having a home warranty: the Choice Home Warranty technician network.
Choice Home Warranty’s Technician network is dispatched instantly to customer claims, ensuring that you’ll receive prompt service from the leading home repair experts in your area. Each technician is based in your local area, licensed, insured, and most importantly, trusted by Choice Home Warranty to deliver excellent service.**
With a Choice Home Warranty service contract, you’ll simply get fast, helpful service for your home without having to shop around for a repair professional. We’ve done the work of screening technicians for you, so all you have to do is submit your claim and enjoy having your covered system or appliance repaired quickly and without hassle ­­ or a high cost.

Learn More About Choice Home Warranty
Still have questions about home warranties and how Choice Home Warranty can protect your home and finances? Contact us to get help from a customer care representative who can help you better understand what Choice Home Warranty has to offer homeowners.

Why Purchase a Home Warranty?

Home warranties are a popular way for home owners to protect themselves against the high cost of unexpected repairs or replacement of home appliances and systems.* They are available to all home owners as an affordable way to get peace of mind for your home and excellent service from trusted local technicians.
With a home warranty, covered items are repaired or replaced for just the cost of the annual service contract fee plus an affordable $60 call fee. Trusted, professionally licensed and insured technicians are dispatched to your home immediately after you file a claim to solve your problems and get your home back on track.

Who Benefits from a Home Warranty?
Home warranties with Choice Home Warranty are available to all home owners. First time home buyers, sellers, and existing home owners are encouraged to invest in the protection offered by Choice Home Warranty. Even home owners with older homes or aged appliances and systems can benefit from Choice Home Warranty’s service contract coverage. Choice Home Warranty provides home warranty service contracts for single family homes, multiple units, condos, and mobile and manufactured homes.

The Ultimate Tool for Home Value Protection
A home warranty protects your home’s value, ensuring that any time a covered appliance or system breaks down, you’ll have no trouble taking care of it right away. That means your home, your most valuable asset, will have quality repair or replacement from Choice Home Warranty to maintain its value.

Home Warranty Facts

  • The average life expectancy of nine critical appliances/home systems is 13 years, and the likelihood of failure of one of these systems in a given year is 68 percent. Home Repair and Remodel, Marshall & Swift LP
  • Homes on the market with a home warranty included sell on average 50 percent faster than homes without. National Home Warranty Association· Homes with home warranties return a sales price that averages 3 percent higher. Business Week Magazine
  • 8 out of 10 buyers prefer to buy a home with a home warranty. Gallup Poll · 9 out of 10 California homes sold had home warranty coverage. Home Warranty Association of California
  • Nationwide, home warranty use is rising with housing trends. Washington Times

How a Home Warranty Saves You Money
While it’s possible to go an entire year without any home repairs and not use your warranty at all, it’s not likely. And even if that’s the case, your investment in peace of mind may still be well worth the cost of the annual service contract. But given the likelihood of needing repairs in any particular year, most home owners find that having a home warranty will save them money year after year. Consider these facts:

  • Homeowners spend an average of $900 each year to repair home systems and appliances. Consumer Expenditure Survey, US Census
  • A home system or appliance repair can range from $65 to $2,000 and replacement averages $1,085. Home Repair and Remodel, Marshall & Swift LP
  • It costs $3,000 annually to maintain a $300,000 home MSN Real Estate

A home warranty with Choice Home Warranty can range from $250 to $450. Compare that to what you could pay to fix commonly repaired and replaced items in your home in any given year:

  • Drain line breakage average repair cost: $769
  • Water heater average repair cost: $571
  • Air conditioning unit average repair cost: $483

How a Home Warranty Saves Your Time and Frustration
In addition to saving your money, a home warranty is convenient. Choice Home Warranty’s network of local technicians are professional, screened, and trusted. They’re also licensed and insured, so you can feel comfortable knowing you’ll have experts repairing your home. Many home owners find that home repairs with technicians in our network are far easier than finding and choosing their own contractors. With Choice Home Warranty’s technicians, you never have to wonder if you made the right choice .

Choosing a Home Warranty
Purchasing a home warranty is a smart move for every home owner, as it offers an affordable way to protect against surprise home repairs and the expenses that come with them. A home warranty allows home owners to rest easy knowing their home is taken care of.*


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